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Occupational therapists are health professionals who enable health and wellbeing through engaging in meaningful occupations. Occupations are the tasks that a person needs to do and /or wants to be able to do.

A child’s occupations may include tasks such as:

  • Playing

  • Learning

  • Going to school

  • Making friends

  • Managing feelings / emotions

  • Playing sports

  • Dressing, bathing, using the toilet

  • Eating

Occupational therapists help children learn and develop skills to be able to engage, participate and achieve in everyday activities. Occupational therapists can help improve the following skills:

  • Daily living skills: toileting, dressing, eating (including fussiness), cooking, cleaning and shopping.

  • Motor skills: fine motor, gross motor and motor planning.

  • Play skills: expanding and building on current play, imaginative play and playing with others.

  • School skills: handwriting, drawing, using scissors and more.

  • Learning skills: attention/concentration, memory, problem solving, sequencing, perception.

  • Social skills:  making friends, navigating and understanding the social world.

  • Emotional management: learning how to handle emotions.

  • Sensory skills: under or over reaction to sensory input.

(NDIS, EPC / Medicare, Private health)

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